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PDF Flip Pages

Publish your PDF documents as interactive flip page documents directly on your website
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3 November 2010

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This is software that will create a PDF flip book for viewing on a website.

You are able to publish your PDF documents as interactive flip page books. There is no need for a separate viewer. This can be directly published on a web page and viewed through most of the popular browsers. The interface presented to the visitor of your site displayed with an open book. He then turns the pages through control buttons available. Alternately if his mouse moves to the edge of a page, corner curls up. This is as a preparation to turning of that page from right to left, when the user clicks at the corner. If you needed to go to a specific page, the page number can be entered in an edit field and the tool will take you to the right page. Zoom in or out to levels convenient for you when reading.

The code required is small in size and thus could be inserted into your website HTML code without any worry about code bloat. You do not need any skills in Flash, this is pure HTML. The original PDF document to be converted into the flip page version can be edited easily, as the application also has edit features. The conversion into flip page book is done in a few clicks and even a beginner can get the job done very easily. The constituent pages are stored as JPEG images. All the control buttons are intuitive. For example, going forward in the book means a click on the forward button look alike of a music player. This is a nice and easy reader application for you, if you needed one and it works with the popular PDF format too.

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Publish your PDF documents as interactive flip page documents directly on your website. No need for a PDF reader to view the document. It will display directly in the web browser. The user has buttons to go to the next page, the previous page or to the first or last page. The user can also decide to enter the page number into an edit field. If he leaves the field the document will show up on the page entered. The user can also click on a page to turn the page. If he moves over the page the edge of the paper will roll up as if the page will be turned. There are also zoom buttons to zoom the document in and out. The best thing is, that this takes only a small piece of plain HTML code on your website, no flash or something else. You can insert the HTML code anywhere. The pages will be stored as jpg images. Our program allows you to open any PDF document and export as flip page website with a few clicks. It will also allow you to edit the PDF file before you export it (it can do so because it is based on our PDF Editor application).
PDF Flip Pages
PDF Flip Pages
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